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My Children

The journey began 17 years ago in Paris when my first son, Théo, was born. They told me he was going to be tall, but I thought it was just in comparison to french kids, but today at 17, he’s 6Foot5 and towers over me and my very tall french husband. Théo is kind, sensitive and loves to dance. I wish there was a way to photograph his great personality. It’s often the little things he does that move me. His perseverance in the face of hard work, his positive attitude at just the right moment or simply a pat on the back just when I needed one. I’ve loved photographing his big blue eyes and easy smile for 17 years.

Madeleine “Maddie” followed a few years later in Holles Street. She is intelligent, hilarious, yet reserved until she gets to know you. A dedicated friend, basketball player, surfer and lover of everything cosy and soft. She makes me laugh, keeps me grounded and is wonderful to just hang out with…Her room is messy, but her tummy laugh is contagious. I’ve loved photographing her beautiful and soulful face for 14 years.

And finally Tristan joined our family once again in Holles Street. He is our resident sportsman of the family. Daredevil since he could walk, this boy loves any activity that involves a ball or race. Football, Rugby, tennis, high jump, relays, surfing, tip the can with friends. He takes life seriously and believes everything worth doing is a competition. Over the past 10 years, I’ve loved photographing him at rest and at play. His eyes are a constantly changing mix of blue, green and grey that stare into my lens with such intensity one moment and goofy giddiness the next…

Thank you Théo, Maddie and Tristan for inspiring me to take photos. Your images are the ones I will treasure forever.


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