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Giving Back


Over the years I have photographed hundreds of cherished babies. I have witnessed endless love and commitment from parents to their children. I have a great husband,  three happy and healthy children and a lovely home. I am very fortunate to have the life I have. However, there comes a time in one’s life when the desire to buy more gear, more tech, more stuff …dies off and a desire to do something for others less fortunate takes over.

The time has come. It’s been brewing for  awhile now and the plan has finally taken shape.

Moments Photography created GivingMoments, a charitable organisation that will run themed photo events and the profits will go to the needy project in Uganda called St. Mark’s Nursery & Orphanage. It’s located in the Nyarushanje Sub county in Rukungiri District- Uganda. I heard about the nursery from my son’s teacher Rob Micallef at Saint Andrews College in Booterstown. St Andrews has been helping in Uganda for about 15 years. They heave helped to build a secondary school and a hospital there. Rob told me about a man named Charles Tukamubona who had set up a makeshift nursery/ orphanage for children who were trying to cross the road to the secondary school (shelter and food) and getting knocked down on the road.

In 2014, we ran a little photo event and raised €600 for the nursery. Rob hand delivered the money to Charles who immediately put it to work for the children.

The Project has the following goals and aims:
  • To fight illiteracy and malnutrition among the children
  • Raise children up from misery in order to create good citizens
  • Raise funds for the on-going costs of paying teachers this year €400
  • Raise funds to build a permanent nursery school 150 orphans €20,000

A themed event will take place in March to raise money for this worthy cause. March’s theme is “My child’s favourite thing”. Here are a few examples of the images.

A few “favourite things”……Meet Bunny and Cow…..

favourite things

Please contact me if you would like to help or book in for the session.

Best wishes,



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